Best Beginner Legends in Apex Legends Season 19

Apex Legends is Respawn’s take on the hero shooter genre, blending it with Battle Royale with a big focus on teamplay and stylish maneuvering. The game supports up to 60 players online, divided into 20 teams of three. As it turned out, entering the fray against 57 skillful opponents is an inviting prospect for most FPS fans!

Apex Legends reached an impressive milestone in April 2021, a time when its servers hosted 100 million players daily. The buzz dropped since then, but Apex Legends keeps on garnering respect from gamers worldwide. At the moment, Season 19 of Apex Legends is open to all fans of free-to-play games with deep combat mechanics.

Here, we’ll take a look at the best Legends to pick if you’re new to the game.

Most Beginner-Friendly Legends in Season 19

As most free-to-play titles tend to be, Apex Legends is an always-evolving game, with new elements being added or detracted, regularly. So, even if you’re using a ready-made Apex Legends account for sale, you might be wondering what’s the best way to start.

Take a look at our picks: 


Apex Legends is a skill-based game, and since it’s been around for more than four years now, the number of initiated players has reached hundreds of thousands. However, the game is also smartly balanced in a way that makes it far more approachable than intimidating.

The Legend Bloodhound is the epitome of that philosophy, allowing anyone to become a valuable member of their team without having to spend hours at the shooting range. As part of the Recon class of Legends, Bloodhound excels in making it super-easy for the rest of their team to do their job.

Bloodhounds’ kit revolves around collecting intel, and if used at the right moment, their abilities can reveal the position of multiple enemy teams at once. The Eye of Allfather ability reveals every single foe and trap within its effective radius. For a while, your entire team will be able to track those caught in the scan, even if they hide behind a wall.

Plus, if caught in a tight spot, Bloodhound can turn on Beast of the Hunt to gain extra speed and predator-like vision!


Even in Season 19, Lifeline remains the most reliable Support Legend in Apex Legends. The fact that she remains mobile while her drone aids another teammate makes her a key part of many winning combinations. Also, the D.O.C. drone is nice enough to heal whichever player is nearby, for up to 8 HP per second.

However, the combination of a Legend that can dish out damage while constantly healing their team is not where the list of pros ends for Lifeline. Her passive, Care Package, further sweetens the deal since it allows players to gain a random item upon deploying – possibly even one of Epic rarity!


Fans of the Skirmisher playstyle will find much to love in Pathfinder, a cheerful robot equipped with a handy grappling hook. Picking them as a beginner is an easy choice to recommend, as their skill set allows for quick repositioning. After a (short) while, players can get crafty with securing the most advantageous points on the map, leaving the opposing teams to wonder just where the bullets are coming from.

Pathfinder is always a valuable team player, owing to their Zipline Gun ability. Saving everyone’s hair in a jiffy is no small feat in a game like Apex Legends, which might explain why Respawn had to nerf Pathfinder several times in the past. 

Lastly, Pathfinder’s kit makes them possibly the best-equipped Skirmisher in the game. Given how that class can identify the contents of a Care Package from afar, having the means to zip around the map and beat others to the prize is right on the money.

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